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What is MEK?

Mu Epsilon Kappa is an organization that wishes to help its members better understand world relations through a study of the Japanese culture.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

We watch Japanese film and television, mostly anime, Japanese animation.

Where did MEK come from?

MEK was founded at an indeterminate time in the last century, succeeding the first UNT anime organization known as Northstar. Since then, we have maintained the finest lack of tradition, organization, or tact. Despite this, somehow we've gone from a few geeks with porn on their official UNT website to a decent-sized school organization, with fairly normal members.

In 2007, we, along with Mississippi State University, founded the Mu Epsilon Kappa Society, an alliance of anime and nerd-interest clubs at universities across the country.

When does MEK meet?

We generally meet from 6 to 10-ish on Thursdays.

Where does MEK meet?
The meeting room for Spring 2017 is GAB room 104.

What does MEK watch?

We like to show at least 2 complete series per semester, but to show bits of new titles and other things suggested by the members.

Our format is usually close to this (approximately)

6:00-6:30 - Meeting start and announcements

6:30 - Pick of the Week 2nd Place Pick of the Week is where members and officers suggest new or different series that people might be interested in seeing, and then the suggestions are voted on. This is to help expose fans to new and different types of anime.

7:00 - 2-3 episodes of the Semester Series, a continuous series that is chosen by the officers. This is usually a standard, "everyone should watch this at least once" series.

8:00 - 10 minute break

8:10 - Pick of the Week 1st Place

8:40 - 1-3 episodes of the Members' Choice Series, a continuous series that is chosen at the beginning of the semester by a vote of the members.

We will sometimes deviate a little to work around events or contests, but this is pretty standard.

Why don't we watch Naruto or Bleach?
  • We try to avoid shows that are shown on television. This isn't always the case, but usually.
  • We generally watch series that are 26 epsiodes or less. We simply don't have time in one semester, or even one year, to watch shows with hundreds of episodes.
  • We made one exception, we watched Fullmetal Alchemist a couple years ago. We watched the first half in the Fall and the second half in the spring.

What ended up happening is that people who liked it went and watched the second half on their own during the winter break, so they were bored in the spring. People who were new in the spring and hadn't seen the first half were completely lost, so they didn't want to watch it.

In the end, we decided it was just easier for both the officers and the members to stick to the format we had before.

Who is in MEK?

As to how big of nerds we are... I think the membership runs the gamut. At meetings we generally have between 75 and 150 flat-out otaku, gamers, TAMSters, tabletop RPG players, J-pop/J-rock fanatics, casual fans, Japanese language students who don't like anime but who use it for listening practice, and normal people you would never expect to find at an anime club.

How do I become a member?

It's FREE to just show up each week.

Becoming a full member is $10/semester. Paid membership lets you borrow from the library, get automatic entry in raffles, vote for the Members' Choice series and in officer elections, free or reduced entry into special events, and many other events.

"Many other events?"

We try to have at least two events a month. Some of our events have included humorous subtitle contests, art contests, series-related contests, cultural events, food nights, and favorite offerings include cosplay contests, capture the flag, scavenger hunt, and karaoke nights.

Do I have to be a member?

You don't have to be a member just to watch. We're not a clique-ish bunch, so if you're interested, feel free to come by and have a look around, watch some free anime, and if it's not your thing, no one will make you stay.

What's a Tsuriko?
Tsuriko-chan is our club mascot.

Tsuriko means "fishing girl." We made the name up before we assigned the kanji... so the ridiculous explanation we made up is that it's because she fishes across the Pacific to bring anime to us. If you have a less crap explanation, let us know on the message boards!



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