Game idea, looking for rebound suggestions

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Game idea, looking for rebound suggestions

Postby Cyberbeta » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:02 am

Back at the start of the year, Yoshinori Ono, the producer for the Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken was commented on being interested in making a Nintendo x Capcom game but later said he did not think it would happen.

Well the idea has been poking me every now and then since this announcment and with UMvC3 about to come out and all the SFxT news, I have started making a actual Character Roster for a Nintendo vs Capcom game, a la UMvC3 and not Smash. At this stage I'm looking for ideas on the character roster and Stages for said roster to fight on. Actual face to face discussion will have to wait until the 11/3/2011 Meeting as I'll be missing this week due to Game 6 of the World Series (Huge Rangers fan, sorry :wink:.) What I want to do is get a feasable Roster and Stages at htis point, while in the long term (and long shot) a possible presentation to give to both Nintendo and Capcom for an actual game.

On Suggestions: For stages, Almost anyting will work but there needs to be equal representation from both comapnies. A Nintendo and a Capcom Stage suggested at the same time will work for that. Detail is not needed (yet) but keep some ideas in mind for who might be in the background or what they are doing. As for characters, it will be more of "This is why He/she/it will work" and not "I want He/She/It because they are my favorite character!" The ONLY two ways that would be considered is if "He/She/It has not been used ever/in a while" and you can make a good Argument for it. I'm looking at a roster of about 20-25 Characters a side.

Here's what I have hammered out so far for Characters & Stages (characters I am trying to pair off opponents a-la the MvC3 and UMvC3 openings):

Samus/Zero Suit Samus
Meta Knight
Fox McCloud
Shadow Mario

Strider Hiryu
Nathan Spencer
Jon Talbain
Bass (not sure if Classic or .EXE yet)
Chun Li
Mike Haggar
Phoenix Wright

Final Boss: Tabuu

Stages: Mute City F-Zero Pit, Peach's Castle Garden, Ace Attourney Courtroom.

So, Ideas? Like? Dislike? any and all critisim is useful here.
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